Before embarking on the great adventure of automatic income, we have the right to ask ourselves the following question: “Why set up such a system? Is it really a good way to become free?

To earn money, isn’t it more advantageous to find a good place in the workforce, to take advantage of insurance and other social benefits in case of a hard time, in short, to put oneself in a safe place and lead one’s life quietly? Unfortunately, the world has changed, and working more to earn more is a phrase that only works in politics…

For all those who had the nerve to start the adventure, the benefits of automatic income far outweigh the meager compensations provided by salaried employment. I propose a reflection on the subject and a small tour of the considerable advantages that automatic income brings you.

Stagnation Vs Accumulation

Being a salaried employee is pleasant because, in theory, it allows you to not ask yourself any questions and to envisage a certain regularity in your professional future. In theory, it’s the assurance of being paid every month.

But if you think about it, this statement is only partly true: while unemployment is increasing, successive governments are progressively cutting back on our social benefits, giving more and more privileges to the ultra-rich and to the big bosses, to the detriment of workers.

One can lose one’s job from one day to the next because of “restructuring” and the unions are nothing more than smoke screens preventing any real protest. The only advantages that the position of employee brought during the good years (1960-1990) are being shattered.

The model on which automatic incomes are based is different. It does not take into account unemployment, policies or wages. It is based only on ambition, determination, hard work, and the right methods.

As an employee in a large industrial company, you may work hard, but you are unlikely to move up the ladder if you don’t get preferential treatment because of your connections.

In the world we live in, which claims to be capitalist but is sliding more and more towards communism, meritocracy does not really exist.

On the contrary, by becoming your own boss and setting up an automatic income, you instantly escape these laws.

Your income accumulates as you set up new systems. Your progress and wealth will be limited only by your ambition and the means you give yourself to achieve it.

Stagnation, which is not necessarily evil, will only happen when you decide to do so and not out of necessity or obligation.

Slavery Vs Freedom

No one can fire you.

Think about it: when you are at the beck and call of your boss, your income depends solely on him.

With automatic income, you have multiple sources of income so you don’t have to worry about one or more of them drying up, because the ones that remain will keep you safe while you implement new strategies.

By setting up profitable businesses like the ones I propose, you no longer work to make money but your products work for you and make you money.

The difference is considerable and for the same amount of money earned, you will have worked much less than the average employee. In turn, this allows you to take advantage of your free time or to use the time you have left to produce other products which, together with the existing products, will multiply your income.

Don’t you feel like you’re in prison when you have to beg your boss to give you your four lousy weeks of annual vacation whenever you want?

With automatic income, all that is over.

You take time off whenever you want: you don’t have to go to the coast on Sundays with tens of thousands of other tourists, no. You go on Mondays and you don’t have to go on Sundays.

You go on Monday and enjoy the quiet roads, the silent restaurants, and the almost deserted beaches.

You are subject only to your own agenda and answerable only to yourself. Isn’t that the true definition of freedom?

Rigidity Vs Flexibility

Similarly, if you find yourself in a situation where you have too much work and you want to free up some of your time to devote to your family or your hobbies, simply sell some of your products or your business to bring in some quick cash while freeing up your time.

It is also the flexibility that makes the strength of automatic income, the fact that you never find yourself in a situation from which you can’t get out whenever you want. There are no chains holding you back, no locks you don’t have a key to. All doors are open to you, and the ones that aren’t, you break down.

As you can see, today, thanks to governments and their incompetence, it has never been more advantageous to set up compensation systems such as automatic earnings.

There is no better way to get out of the almost prison-like situation we are in as employees.

Don’t wait any longer, and embark now on the incredible adventure of financial freedom and join the Automatic Income club.

You will find dozens of training courses that will allow you to emancipate yourself and multiply your sources of income. I will share with you all my experience and everything that has made me a free man!

See you soon,