Do you really want to follow the flock?

Last night I saw a documentary about migratory birds 🐦 :
They always fly in groups of 10 to sometimes 10,000. They are often in a triangle with a bird at the tip whose mission is to break the wind resistance. This allows the others behind to be less exhausted, otherwise they wouldn’t have enough energy to complete their migration.

The reason I’m telling you this today is that you need to do what these birds do!

Some employees use the same strategy as migratory birds:

They don’t want to take any chances and wait for a leader to show up with an idea to follow.

But they’ve been watching these migratory birds wrong.

Because in reality the birds often change places in the formation. At short intervals, one of the birds in the rear escapes and takes the lead to give the leader a chance to rest at the back.

And this doesn’t apply when you are on salary.

Because you follow the leader and work for him. You don’t want to put yourself forward to avoid risk and criticism.

Unfortunately, if you follow the wrong bird you end up lost. Because the company has to lay off thousands of people. And most of them don’t necessarily deserve that, because they were just following orders. But they just followed the wrong bird and are paying the consequences.

And since there are 63,000 business failures per year in France, the damage is colossal.

Moreover, it is not only the employees who are content to follow the trend.

Let’s take a simple example: the record market 💽.

Many record companies are working hard to do the same as the most successful ones. As a result, prices, commercial policies, contracts or even packaging are the same everywhere.

By doing this, they avoid criticism and follow the herd.


When the market evolves and the technology changes, they all find themselves out on the street.

They are not used to innovating and panic.

So the RIAA (the association in the US that gathers the main record companies) spends millions of dollars lobbying Congress to keep the law in their field 💰.

But in the long run, they will fail. They won’t be able to stop the world from changing, even by buying the influence of Congress.

How do you apply this advice?

Look around you.

What are most of the people you are around doing?

It’s simple:

They choose to do a salaried job so they can have a salary that falls every month. If the company that employs them is doing badly, they bury their heads in the sand and tell themselves that it will be okay without looking for an alternative.
They also know that they probably won’t have a pension or a ridiculous one… but they don’t want to think about it, telling themselves that it’s not possible and that it won’t happen (or that it will happen in the next generation).
Do you want to do the same?

Probably not ❌.

And that’s why you need to start your project.

You need to cash in on your supplemental AND automatic income every month.

To ensure a bright future for YOU and your children.

That has to be your priority, and that’s how you’ll become a leader.

Don’t be like all the followers who think that taking risks is dangerous… when it’s their passivity that can cause their downfall.

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