The Internet is changing extremely fast, and what was true yesterday is not necessarily true today. People who were making money on the Internet 10 years ago and who rested on their laurels are now totally lost in a world that is changing and in which the cards are constantly being redistributed.

By the way, if you are on Revenu-Automatique and me, Loic Grine, can advise you on these techniques, it is because we test and apply them with my team.

Our mission is to always be on the lookout for everything that happens in the world of online business so that we are never caught off guard. Here are five exclusive platforms that will really make money in 2021.

No. 1: Telegram, Much More Than a Messenger

Released in 2013 and initially presenting itself as a competitor to WhatsApp, Telegram has quickly become much more than a messaging or internet telephony app.

Equipped with much more advanced features than its famous competitor with groups or channels that can accommodate up to 200,000 people, the ability to refine the permissions of each, to create bots. And many have already figured out how to make money with it…

Telegram has gradually become the platform of choice for many Internet users. And some even earn several hundred euros a day with simple telegram channels, much more than with Youtube or Instagram!

On Telegram, anyone can create a channel by reserving a name as long as it has not already been taken.

If this channel is public, anyone searching can easily find it. If the content posted is interesting, people will quickly subscribe to it, and affiliate links to different platforms like Amazon can be presented to them.

And that’s where the trick lies.

This channel, for example, which offers the best promotions, has almost 3000 members. Every day, the owner of the channel posts dozens of affiliate links to Amazon or other online stores. Every time someone buys from one of these links, a commission is paid to the chain owner. Jackpot guaranteed!

No. 2: Patreon, The Sanctuary For Artists And Personalities

Far from any publicity and from the sometimes unhealthy and unbreathable atmosphere of social networks, Patreon is a breath of fresh air in the world of art and professional communication. Offering artists to develop privileged relationships with their fans, the platform goes against the current trend: people who follow an artist are no longer “followers” but “contributors”. They pay a monthly fee to have exclusive access to quality content and a more direct and intimate relationship with their favorite artists or personalities.

In concrete terms, as a content creator, you offer several subscription levels to visitors interested in your performances, which will give them access to certain content. Basically, quality over quantity is the key here.

How much does it cost? Nothing at all.
According to the chosen offer, the platform takes a commission on each of your sales and offers you visibility in exchange.

An excellent way to express your artistic fiber or to share your knowledge while being fairly paid for your work.

Whether it’s music, videos, photography, painting, or science, no discrimination, it’s culture with a capital C that we value here.

The “Sailing La Vagabonde” account is one of the most striking examples. Each time he posts a video (once a week), he earns on average more than €8000!

For this doctor, it’s the equivalent of €12000 that she adds every month to her salary. A platform to follow, and to consider if you want to express yourself in a new and intimate way while being paid for it!

N°3: Clubhouse, The New Kid Who’s Breaking The Bank

The latest trendy social network, ClubHouse is exploding in 2021. It’s an audio-only social networking application where you can actively participate in discussions on various topics. The app also gives users the ability to create their own audio clubs and conference rooms, where they can start a conversation on any topic.

The app was initially reserved for an elite group and was frequented by celebrities, influencers and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. It is currently invitation-only, but as the number of users grows, it will become easier to find a place and make money.

N°4: Feedly, Or The Art Of Being Ahead Of The Competition

There is a lot of information on the Internet, too much. It’s spread across millions of blogs, websites dedicated to this or that theme, YouTube channels, etc.

Information is power; an investor who learns before everyone else about the possible restructuring of a company he owns shares in would make a great move by selling just before it collapses on the stock market.

But how can we be sure to be the first to receive the crucial information we need in this inhuman web that is the Internet in 2021?

N°5: The Paid Newsletter with Substack

Free information is available almost everywhere but its quality tends to decrease as its quantity increases. We can’t count the number of fake news sites, the pseudo reporters ready to write anything for a little visibility and a semblance of prestige.

Faced with this degeneration of information, the good old methods seem to be the ones that work best. What Substack.com proves to us.

On Substack.com, you can not only subscribe to paid newsletters but also set up your own newsletters and define your own rates, to which enthusiasts eager for your knowledge will subscribe.